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Tall Curvy Escort Arati

About me

Hello there, I'm Arati, your Tall Curvy Escort, and I am thrilled to enchant you with my statuesque beauty and alluring curves. As a tall and elegant companion, I love standing out in a crowd and being the center of attention. My curvaceous figure adds to my allure, making me a treat for your eyes and a joy to be around. Being your Curvy Escort, I take pride in making every moment we share special and unforgettable. My confidence and charm will put you at ease, and you'll feel like you're with someone who truly understands and cares. In my warm and inviting embrace, I promise to cater to your every need and desire, leaving you with a sense of deep satisfaction and contentment. Ready to experience the allure of a Tall Curvy Escort? Book me now at Kolkata Chicks.

Personal details

  • Age: 25 years
  • Length: 167 cm
  • Nationality: Indian
  • City: Kolkata
  • Flavour: Heterosexual
  • Cupsize: B cup
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Oral sex: Yes
  • Erotic massage: No
  • French: Yes
  • Golden shower: Yes
  • Threesome M: No
  • Threesome C: Yes
  • SM roleplay: No
  • Sleepover: Yes

Arati's Rates

The rates for Arati start from 1 hour and above. See rates for a full list of our pricing and in which area's we deliver.

  • 1 hour: INR 10000
  • 2 hours: INR 15000
  • 3 hours: INR 20000
  • 4 hours: INR 25000
  • 6 hours: INR 35000
  • 12 hours: INR 50000

Book Arati

For booking of Arati please call our escort service on the number phone +918100563918. This number is available by whatsapp Whatsapp as well.


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