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About me

I'm a charismatic, hot call girl of Kolkata with an irresistible charm and an enchanting smile. My bubbly personality and eye-catching physique make me the life of the party. I love to break the mold and live life on the wild side, pushing boundaries and engaging in thrilling adventures. I'm constantly looking for new ways to have fun and I never shy away from a challenge. I even like one night stands, when everyone heads to bed, you can find me staying up late, partying hard and making every moment count. With my unique attitude and determination, there's never a dull moment when I'm around!

Personal details

  • Age: 26 years
  • Length: 164 cm
  • Nationality: Europe
  • Flavour: Heterosexual
  • Cupsize: B cup
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Oral sex: Yes
  • Erotic massage: No
  • French: Yes
  • Golden shower: Yes
  • Threesome M: No
  • Threesome C: Yes
  • SM roleplay: No
  • Sleepover: Yes

Sunaina's Rates

The rates for Sunaina start from 1 hour and above. See rates for a full list of our pricing and in which area's we deliver.

  • 1 hour: INR 10000
  • 2 hours: INR 15000
  • 3 hours: INR 20000
  • 4 hours: INR 25000
  • 6 hours: INR 35000
  • 12 hours: INR 50000

Book Sunaina

For booking of Sunaina please call our escort service on the number phone +918100563918. This number is available by whatsapp Whatsapp as well.


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